Expositie van 14 augustus 2019 t/m 17 augustus 2019

'To gather / Grenzverbreitend'

Uitwisselingsexpositie Gedok Hamburg

In de zomer is er een korte uitwisselingsexpositie in het Kunstforum GEDOK in Hamburg en in Arti-Shock: 'To gather / Grenzverbreitend'. Vier vrouwelijke kunstenaarsleden van Arti-Shock gaan van 31 juli t/m 3 augustus in Hamburg exposeren: Mary Bezembinder, Sonja van der Burg, Greta Cune en Ines Laith.

Daarna tonen zes Duitse Gedok kunstenaressen van 14 t/m 18 augustus hun werk in Arti-Shock: Katharina Holstein-Sturm, Gabriele Kurth-Schell, Susanne Mewing, Claudia Rüdiger, Ele Runge en Gabriele Wendland. In de bij de tentoonstellingen te verschijnen brochure staat de uitwisseling omschreven als:

"Ten female artists from two countries, the Netherlands and Germany. We want to get to know each other, our different artistic positions and approaches to art and life. We gather art, we shift borders. The language of art is universal and transcends borders, nations or languages. So this is where we meet. We are curious, we are willing to learn and engage in something not yet known to us.

These two exhibitions in Hamburg and Rijswijk are an artist exchange, we are hosts and guests. We show our work and our workspaces, the art scene of our cities and we explore our similarities or different approaches to our artwork. Our galleries, GEDOK (Hamburg) and ARTI-SHOCK (Rijswijk), are both producers’ galleries. We decide to fill those places with life and exciting projects.

This is an experiment. Possible collaborations in the future, maybe new friends, for sure a lot of input and a good time. In times of uprising nationalism and a Europe that is threatened to be torn apart, projects like these are valuable and necessary. Let’s be inspired!"


De tentoonstelling wordt geopend op woensdag 14 aug. om 15.00 uur.